List of Exhibitors from RIPExpo 2014

This is the list of exhibitors who joined us for RIPExpo 2014!

RIPExpo 2015 info coming soon!

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2D Cloud is a micro-press comics publisher and distributor based in Minneapolis, MN. Since 2007, we have published paper-craft art books, mini comics, and graphic novels by an assortment of both established and new/emerging creatives. Gravitating towards work that balances a distinct vision with narrative elements, we publish artists that both challenge and invite, draw and disturb.

A. T. Pratt I am a 23 year old cartoonist/dog walker. I grew up in Manhattan, received an illustration BFA at the Rhode Island School of Design in 2013, and have since moved home to reap the plentiful rewards of said degree. I publish all of my comics work online (eventually) on, but my main focus is creating print editions that celebrate the joy of exploring a comic book world in physical space. My most recent printed comics have featured large fold out spreads and pop-ups, and I am currently working on self-publishing my first full color long form narrative in addition to a collection of hundreds of pages of out of print black and white comics dating from since the beginning of my “professional comic book career”, which by my declaration began halfway through high school. Besides my comics, I also draw all of the dogs I walk for my day job, which can all be seen on my dog drawings blog. |

Aaron DeMuth currently lives in Providence. Proud owner of a sassy fern. Reasonably proud. It’s ok, but doesn’t really do much. Sometimes it turns from green to brown. Then it falls on the floor. Not the whole thing, just parts. Like I said, it’s ok.

Alabaster is a cartoonist from New York City

Alex Nall is a cartoonist and teaching artist who lives and works in Chicago. He is the author of ‘Clear Water’, a collection of comics, and his currents series ‘Teaching Comics’ is a regular feature on

Alexander Danner writes the formalist series Two For No, illustrated by Xeric Award Winner Tym Godek, and wrote the graphic novel “Gingerbread Houses,” illustrated by Edward J. Grug III. He has co-written two textbooks about comics “Character Design for Graphic Novels” with Steven Withrow (Rotovision/Focal Press 2007) and “Comics: A Global History, 1968 - Present” with Dan Mazur (Thames & Hudson, 2014). He teach online courses on writing comics at Emerson College. He has also contributed prose fiction to the science fiction anthologies “Machine of Death” and “The Girl at the End of the World,” as well as to the online audio magazine Bound Off. |

Alison Rutsch is an illustrator and educator living in Providence, Rhode Island. |

Allison Cole is an illustrator, teacher and artist, making self published mini comics since 2001. Her full-length graphic novel, Never Ending Summer, was published by Alternative Comics. She has also contributed comics to magazines and anthologies such as Vice, Kramers Ergot, Art Prostitute, Swindle, Scheherazade, and the Stranger.

Allison Shabet is a cartoonist who does a lot of things and loves to experiment with comics. Dead Winter is a fun adventure comic set in the collapse and reconstruction of the modern world. They’re both really cool, A+

Andrew White is a cartoonist living in Virginia whose comics include Black Pillars and We Will Remain. He is also a contributor to the Comics Workbook tumblr and an editor of the bi-monthly Comics Workbook Magazine.

Anna McGlynn is a cartoonist studying at The Center for Cartoon Studies. She makes short nonfiction and fiction comics influenced mostly by her childhood and experiences living in Japan.

Anna Rose is an illustrator by day and cyberwitch by night. When not hacking the gibson, she is normally drawing or crafting cute things by hand. You can often find her reading manga in a dumpster located somewhere in Brooklyn.

Annie Mok (b. 1986, previously published work under the name “E. Choy”) studied at the Minneapolis College of Art & Design, and lives in Philadelphia. She makes work as an illustrator, comics writer (collaborative), and solo cartoonist. Her clients include Seven Stories Press, DC/Vertigo, The Harlem Times, and The Red Umbrella Project. American Illustration selected her work for its Archive for two years running. The Leeway Foundation awarded her its Art & Change Grant in 2013. She has collaborated with the cartoonists Emily Carroll and Sophia Foster-Dimino, among others. Annie draws an ongoing diary comic strip called Bleed-Throughs, currently running on Comics Workbook. She sings in the band See-Through Girls. | |

April Malig uses her head for an armrest and is a recent graduate of the Center for Cartoon Studies in White River Junction, Vermont. She draws poetry comics full of metaphors for feelings, magical girl comics, and funny/sad autobio comics. She also likes to eat candy. |

Ariel Bordeaux self-published the minicomic series Deep Girl, and has created comics and illustrations for a variety of publications. Ariel holds an MFA degree from the Center for Cartoon Studies in White River Junction, Vermont, and teaches comics classes and workshops. She lives in Rhode Island with her son and husband, cartoonist Rick Altergott.

Audrey Helen Weber works and draws in Brooklyn, NY. When not drawing she spends her time making quilts, reading books with facts in them and organizing all the tiny things she owns.

Ben Doane makes lots of little, weird-looking books, and orders his takeout in Boston.

Ben Passmore once shot a gun. Also he lives in New Orleans and makes a comic about sadness and the apocalypse called DAYGLOAYHOLE and an comic about teenage punks escaping a reform school called A Pantomime Horse.

Benjamin Urkowitz creates and studies comics and art in New York City. He looks like this: ~

Blaise Larmee is an American cartoonist, critic, and publisher, best known for his graphic novella Young Lions. RIPExpo will see the debut of his new comic Comets Comets, published by 2D Cloud.

Blind Arch produces handmade small books, prints, and other ephemera in multiples (stickers, glasses, posters, Powerpoints, animation DVDs). Each member creates individual works as well as collaborations, but with a shared focus on humor and the unintelligible.

Booklyn Art Gallery is a satellite exhibition program of Booklyn Artists Alliance, an artist-run non-profit 501(c)3 organization headquartered in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Booklyn’s mission is to promote artists’™ books as art and research material and to assist artists and organizations in documenting, exhibiting, and distributing their artworks and archives. Our current exhibition series is dedicated to providing self-publishing artists, who generally share their work through zines and other printed matter, with a platform for exhibition, experimentation and exploration outside of the printed format.

Brendan Leach is an Ignatz and Xeric Award winning Cartoonist and Illustrator. His comics have been published by Secret Acres, Top Shelf Comics, and Retrofit Comics. Brendan’s illustration work has been recognized by the Society of Illustrators and 3×3 Magazine, and his comics have been included in many collections and anthologies, including Best American Comics 2011. He used to drive a Zamboni in New Jersey, now he draws pictures in Brooklyn, NY.
secretacres |

C.M.Butzer draws, writes, and publishes comics of all sorts. He also makes handmade books, silkscreened things, and risograph zines. He is from Portland, Oregon and lives and works in Greenpoint, Brooklyn where he is known to be fond of cats. |

Cara Bean is a cartoonist, high school art teacher, and lady who is interested in primates. | |

Carey Pietsch is a cartoonist & illustrator based in Philadelphia. She has self-published several short comics, and her work has also appeared in several anthologies, including Hana Doki Kira, Secret Prison #5 and #666, and Dirty Diamonds #1-#5.

Chris Day B. 1986 Jacksonville, FL - Chris Day is an artist, print-maker, musician, and publisher living in Baltimore, Maryland. He is a founding member of Open Space Gallery in Baltimore, a resident and curator at Gallery 4, and a member of the now defunct collective Closed Caption Comics. He performs music under the name Vlonde. Day has contributed work to the Baltimore Museum of Art, Nudashank Gallery (Baltimore), Current Gallery (Baltimore) Cinders (NYC), the Emerge Art Fair (Washington D.C.) and Roots & Culture (Chicago). Alongside his personal work over the last ten years, Day has worked closely with dozens of widely recognized artists, venues, and labels along the east coast of the United States to design and produce album artwork and handmade posters for various events and products.

Collective Stench is an eclectic collection of comic artists who frequently table together at festivals and occasionally collaborate. After having mostly met in Providence they spread out over the globe in their quest for world wide comics domination. Most members are based in New York, with additional members in Providence, DC, Philly, San Francisco, and Beijing. |

Czap Books is a one-person publisher/distro operating out of Cleveland, OH. The goal is to expand the scope of Kevin Czap’s self-publishing to serve as a vehicle for comics work that teases the boundaries of the form. The work itself tends toward the design and poetic side of comics. Described as “the Comics Mom,” Kevin sees Czap Books as a growing family of artists to be supported and nurtured. |

Danielle Chenette Doodler living and working in Chicago IL. Inspired by bold color, comic books, fresh air, movie posters, weird people, grand entanglement, etc.

Declan McCarthy's work is heavily influenced by the underground comics movement. By juxtaposing simple characters with intricate environments, he invokes dark undertones and complex themes. His art is obsessed with mark making and creating rich landscapes of line and shadow. He primarily uses animal characters, and is drawn towards plant life and cityscapes. Declan has interned with artist Rollin Leonard, and the complete concept company Out For Justice. He's illustrated the 2013 John Waters Christmas ornament, and has had comics published in varies printed and online anthologies. |

Drew Miller lives and works in Brooklyn.

Eel Burn is a person in Providence, RI who prints a lot of different things on blue or yellow paper. They also monitor the paypal account of the WICKED CITY cassette imprint and are a member of opensignal, a collective of artists based in Providence concerned with the state of gender + race in experimental electronic-based sound and art practices.

Eleri Mai Harris Hailing from Hobart, Tasmania, Eleri Mai Harris is an Australian American comics journalist whose work has been published in Symbolia, and Seven Days. A recent graduate of the Center for Cartoon Studies, Eleri specializes in non-fiction comics-making, using traditional journalistic research techniques and watercolors to create wild true story cartoons.

Gemma Correll has bad eyesight. Thanks to the wonders of spectacle technology, however, she manages to hold down a full-time job as a freelance cartoonist and illustrator and bumps into things only occasionally. Gemma is the author of several books, including “A Pug’s Guide to Etiquette” and “A Cat’s Life” and has illustrated various things for clients including Hallmark, Chronicle Books and Knock Knock. She is also responsible for that “Pugs Not Drugs” T-shirt design that you’re sick of seeing everywhere. She is the proud owner of two pugs - Mr Pickles and Bella - as well as an impressive collection of plastic snowglobes. She lives in Norwich, England, although she’d prefer not to.

Get Lost Press Mitchell, Nick and friends make zines about death, hot dogs, and shapes.

G. W. Duncanson is a native of Yonkers, New York. After studying filmmaking, he worked in local TV journalism and currently plows the fields as a cinematographer, video editor, and sound engineer. His auspicious debut as an artist happened to coincide with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy when, without electricity for a week, he was inspired to try his hand at making comics. His prolific pace has resulted in over 2,250 panels of unique, painterly comics in 2013.

Heather Benjamin is an artist who makes illustrations primarily using pen and ink. She self-publishes small zines of her drawings and has also had two books of her work published. She recently moved from Brooklyn to Providence.

Hidden Fortress Press has been printing comics along the banks of the Woonasquatucket River since 2011.

Ian Cozzens / Secret Door Projects Ian Cozzens is an artist, organizer, and bike-rider, living & working in Providence, RI. He makes drawings, screenprinted posters & prints, and occasional zines & comics; puts together community events, dance parties, and participatory art projects; has been an artist mentor at New Urban Arts and currently teaches screenprinting at the AS220 Community Printshop. He is excited about the transformative power of art & creative action in the world… !

Illogical Comics Mutant gore and future lore.

Indigo Octopus I work within the fields of animation, illustration, comics, painting, and design. My work is quirky, cute, and fun for everybody. |

Inés Estrada is a cartoonist and sort of a nomad. She is the editor of the comics section of Vice Mexico and she also manages Gatosaurio, a webshop where you can find her stickers and comics. Most of her work is self-published, but she has also worked with publications such as Kuš (Latvia), The Believer (US) and Ediciones Valientes (Spain.) She has inhaled inhuman amounts of car smog biking through her home town of Mexico City, which has surely damaged her brain into seeing the psychedelic colors and shapes you can find in her work. |

Inkmaggot M. R. Trower, AKA Inkmaggot Productions, is a 22 year old queer kid who draws for a living at a behavioral econ lab. Their current home base is in Durham, NC, where after sundown they make comics about queer and trans identity. |

Iona Fox is a comic artist and farmer in Vermont. She is currently enrolled in the MFA program at the Center for Cartoon Studies.

Ivy Powers is a cartoonist from Providence Rhode Island.

James McShane is a cartoonist and illustrator living in Providence, RI. His work has appeared in The New York Times, Kramers Ergot, The Pitchfork Review, The Believer Magazine, Paper Rodeo, Yale Anthology of Graphic Fiction, Smoke Signal, and Orang Magazin. |

Jason Viola is the creator of Herman the Manatee and other comics. His work has appeared in the hands of sad children and in the basements of decrepit homes. He lives in Newton, Massachusetts.

Jen Tong is originally from San Francisco, she currently resides in Brooklyn, NY. She likes to dabble paint or play with the risograph machine in her shared studio in Greenpoint. She can also be found scheming at a silkscreen studio. The rest of her time she spends daydreaming.

Jenn Woodall is an illustrator and comics person who lives and works in Toronto, Ontario. She loves badass ladies, sci-fi and bright colours that hurt your eyes. |

Jennifer Cruté started writing comics in 2003. She is featured in a Current TV segment about women in comics called “KAPOW! The New Comic Book Heroines.” At the East Coast Black Age Of Comics Convention (ECBACC), her strips were nominated for “best rising star” in it’s Glyph Comic Awards (GCA) category. Jennifer was born in Hackensack, N.J. She graduated from The School of Visual Arts in New York City and received a BFA in 1998. She currently resides in Brooklyn. | |

Jenny Zych grew up in a small town outside of Harrisburg, PA. She graduated from SVA in 2013 with a BFA in Illustration. Since then she has worked for the New York Times, Willamette Week, The New Republic, BUST and Time Out NY. Her work has been described as “a raw, youthful portrayal of grimy pop-culture and social trends.” Her latest project was co-curating, Strange Paradise, an Asian horror film fanzine.

Kat Fajardo Born and raised in the slimiest part of NYC, Kat enjoys her share of fat pugs, monsters, and glitter. Besides looking forward to marrying a werewolf, she just wants to make a lot of comics.

Katbus (a.k.a. Katharine Ball) has been an animator and comic artist from New York City for quite a long time and didn’t realize till just now. Her comic series are Life of a Cartoonist at Age 12 and Young Pups of Bonelyn, both you can find on and offline.

Kate Schapira / In Hand Books Kate Schapira writes and makes little books. She’s the author of four books and nine chapbooks published by other people, and the co-organizer of the Publicly Complex Reading Series. She lives, writes and teaches in Providence, RI.

Katherine Poe is a San Francisco based cartoonist/artist and arts educator with an MFA in interdisciplinary arts from the California College of the Arts and a BA in art history from Bard College. She is interested in challenging her own learned assumptions about narrative structures embedded during childhood in the form of popular myths, fairy tales, and bedtime stories. |

KC Green I do a bunch of things. I done a bunch of things since I was in high school. Most of it posted online cus its the cheapest way of showing you those things. Sorta. I do the webcomic Gunshow and wrote for the Regular Show comic book. I watch cartoons a lot.

Kelli Nelson makes comics and paintings and terrible, terrible mistakes.

Kelsey Short Cat admirer from Los Angeles and transplanted to NYC. Burgeoning illustrator and zine maker.

Kimball Anderson is an artist who makes works for going on walls and in books. Experiences of chronic fatigue syndrome and agoraphobia inform the art Kimball creates, manifesting in themes of isolation, recursion of self, inaction, and first person experience. The art explores the quiet and the gentle, while searching for something ambiguous underneath. |

Krystal DiFronzo is a cold weather baby from the Midwest. She creates dreamy quilts, weavings, prints and comics. Her work has been printed in anthologies such as Happiness, Believed Behavior and in self-published minis. She is a chrysalis waiting to happen. |

L Nichols has been making comics for over 10 years now and is currently working on serializing Flocks, a memoir about queerness, faith, and groups of people.

Lala Albert is an artist and textile designer living and working in Brooklyn, NY. |

Laurel Lynn Leake works in all sorts of mediums to explore how we construct and communicate our identities in an intersectional world. She uses science fiction and magical realism as a stage to examine the role queerness and deviant compassion has played and can play in human culture. Leake graduated from the Center For Cartoon Studies in White River Junction, VT in 2013. |

Laurie Piña is one crushed peanut.

Leslie Weibeler b 1987, living in Chicago

LoveHoldLetGo is a DIY film, theater, printmaking, and poetry collective committed to telling magical-realist stories of eco-decolonization. Intermingling film, poetry, shadow puppet theater, folk music, and animation to create multi-disciplinary works, Loveholdletgo believes in the breaking of boundaries between divergent art forms to create new understandings of environmental, feminist, and racial justice, on both a personal and cosmic scale. Co-founded in 2012 by poet/filmmaker Jess X Chen & animator/musician, Beyon — LoveHoldLetGo has since moved on to tour the continent and exhibit at numerous zine fairs, art galleries and film festivals. Made out of the shadows of recycled paper, trash, and weeds collected outside of every venue, their first full-length shadow-puppet play, “Silence and the Earth” was performed in over sixty different theaters, schools, observatory roofs, farms, across North America and is now being adapted into a feature length film. LoveHoldLetgo makes and distributes poetry zines, comics, and screen prints that go hand-in-hand with the themes of their works to support their practice. | |

Matt Davis is a printmaker and cartoonist living. He founded the Oberlin Comics Collective back in his college days, but then he graduated. Now he runs Perfectly Acceptable, a very small Risograph print shop in Chicago.

Meg Powers is a costume designer/puppeteer/comics artist/werewolf specializing in 60s horror, 70s sci-fi, 80s motorcycles, and babes of all varieties. Her work inhabits a towering jellomold palace flecked with eyeballs, hologram bats flying out of its yawning mouth entrance. She also co-writes, directs, and performs in a radio horror series, The Spectral Citadel. |

Melody Often Xeric winner and creator of Trinadot, the lost world comic book series, on it’s 4th issue. She organizes the Baltimore Time Travel Anthology, on it’s 2nd issue, and enjoys painting, plants, and podcasts. | facebook | twitter | tumblr

Metropolarity was born in a pixelated summer, desperate for a space where technology and community could intersect. We at Metropolarity believe that those without power must take advantage and control of the media outlets that we have access to. We choose science fiction as our lens to create new worlds, identities, self paradigms, and to destroy old, harmful ones.

Mia Schwartz has been perched on our ceiling for weeks, watching us in silence, and we really wish she would leave. |

Michal Karpiel is a Polish-American printmaker, illustrator, and amateur cartoonist.

Miles Cook is an independent comic artist and illustrator from Cape Cod, MA, who makes science fiction comics about rainforests and airplanes and cave-dwelling frogmen. He is currently working on his first larger-scale comic, a six issue story called ‘The Hidden Jungle’ that he is self-publishing.

Miranda Harmon spent most of her life in Florida and now lives in Maryland. She makes a lot of comics about tiny birds.

Neoglyphic Media Pushing forward and exploring new territory in comics art, while keeping an eye on the history of the medium, Neoglyphic Media publishes and distributes experimental and progressive comics from some of the most imaginative comics creators of today.

Nicholas Kostas Kratsas can’t draw. He does best with words and photographs. His works include A Means And An End, a tour journal that reveals the highs and lows inherent to being in a touring punk band; Interrupted Fern, a photography book released as a way of reconciling with a violent assault; and Limn The Beloved, an ongoing monthly series of short biographical poems.

O Horvath lives under a slimy rock in providence.

Olivia Fox (Ø) is a weirdo digital printmaker/multimedia artist trying to figure it out. Ø founded Zinefeast at SUNY Purchase, and is currently co-organizing the next Paper Jam small press festival in Brookyln.

Olivia Kates I like to make prints and textiles. I like gender studies and pomeranians.

Oranbeg Press is an independent publisher based in Boston, MA and Brooklyn, NY. Oranbeg’s books are a mixture of artist created zines, photobooks, online media, and collaborative works. Our main goal is to promote the idea of “what is a book?” We use a variety of printing methods, unconventional materials and ideas in bookmaking to further this growing dialogue.

Packet Biweekly is published every other week* in Brooklyn, NY. Issues are printed with a Risograph RZ390u, occasionally supplemented with inkjet and laserjet sheets. Packet is a collective and contribution-based publication with focus on process and experimentation in work, openly embracing stupidity and irreverence. Packet is a holding shape for immediacy and the ‘par-baked.’

Patt Kelley does a strip called “What’s for Breakfast?” that’s published every week in DigBoston. My graphic novel “What Am I Going to Do Without You?” was published by Top Shelf Digital in 2012 and received an honorable mention in Publishers Weekly’s 2012 Graphic Novel Critics Poll. He like gummy worms.

Peter Glantz and The Imaginary Company Peter Glantz is a filmmaker, performer, and pickle maker whose work has appeared everywhere from the basement of the Looney Bin in Providence to the Viacom Network called MTV and many curvy roads in between. He and Becky Stark started the “Worldword” series of cartoons and prints in 2010. During that time they have collaborated with artists Ron Regé, Jr. Leif Goldberg, Kevin Hooyman, Megan Whitmarsh, and Jacob Ciocci on the project.

Press Gang is a publishing collective comprised of three Portland, OR based imprints, Floating World Comics, Study Group Books and Family Style. Zack Soto runs the award winning webcomics site Family Style publishes Francois Vigneault’s sci-fi series Titan and his fantasy comics anthology Elfworld. Floating World Comics was established in 2007 by Jason Leivian and since then the store has been recognized as one of the best comic shops in the world. We’ve published over twenty books, art newspapers and comics including the resurrected Arthur Magazine. | |

Providence Comics Consortium is a children’s art cult that has held a ton of FREE comics workshops for kids and adults through the Providence Community Library and have published hundreds of kid and adult cartoonists in dozens of books, comics, magazines, novels and short story collections! Yowzah!

Rachel Hays lives and works in Brooklyn, New York where life is a comic. She enjoys book binding, lettering, and wresting the pages of work from the mouths of her two slobbery dogs.

Rachel Schapira is a Brooklyn based artist. She makes art with kids. She makes books with her friends. She makes puppets at her job. |

Rebecca Mock Cartoonist/Comic Artist/Illustrator, currently drawing a graphic novel and hanging by my teeth onto the illustration industry.

Rebecca Volynsky The themes and symbolic elements in Volynsky’s pieces revolve around the ideas of strength and personal growth, as well as community and the beautiful environment that surrounds us. She is influenced by Russian folk art and Byzantine icon paintings, lively color, organic shapes found in nature, and her experiences as a teaching artist. She is originally from Providence, Rhode Island, and has been involved with the community of arts organizations since she participated in their after-school art programs in high school (specifically, New Urban Arts and AS220). Volynsky currently works as the Education Director at Artists for Humanity and studies art therapy at Lesley University in Cambridge, MA.

Rick Altergott is a Cartoonist and Illustrator who has contributed to a wide variety of publications over a span of 20+ years including: The Seattle Stranger, Cracked, Vice, LA Times, New York Press, Rhino Records, Portland Mercury, Portland Vex, Believer, San Francisco Weekly, and many others.

Robin Enrico has been self publishing his own comics since 2003. He is perhaps best known for his work on the long running Jam in the Band series and its spin off series Life of Vice. Robin is one of the organizers of the Paper Jam small press festival in Brookyln, as well as a key member of DIY venue the Silent Barn and the independent video game curation group Babycastles.

Rude Comics is a distro run by cartoonist Karissa Sakumoto, dedicated to keeping comics rude, crude, lewd and cheap. Curated under a strict “freaks only” policy. |

Sam Alden is a cartoonist from Portland, Oregon.

Sara Goetter is a cartoonist living in Pennsylvania working primarily on her webcomic Boozle: an all-ages adventure about a grumpy wizard and friendship. When not drawing comics she’s probably playing video games are worrying about her cat. |

Sarah Ferrick b. 1988, on Long Island, right on it.

Sasha Steinberg is a comics artist raised in Urbana, IL. He recently received his M.F.A from The Center for Cartoon Studies in White River Junction, Vermont. He also holds a B.A. in Modern Literatures from Vassar College. Sasha is particularly interested in developing queer literary comics, and is currently working on an epic graphic novel about the Stonewall uprising of 1969. Sasha lives with a tyrannosaurus named Regina in Brooklyn, New York.

Sean Ford is the creator of Only Skin and Shadow Hills. He graduated from the Center for Cartoon Studies in 2008. Now he lives in Brooklyn and designs books and walks his dog.
secretacres |

Secret Acres is a comics publishing company, founded in 2006. Currently, the company publishes story collections and original graphic novels. Secret Acres sells and distributes its creators’ mini-comics and other self-published works.

Seth McCombs grew up in a salt marsh in Rhode Island where he learned to carefully avoid bog-ghosts and blue crabs. Now he dives the deeper water and draws pictures of what he sees down there. His book, Old Salty Dog, offers a glimpse beneath the surface waters of the Ocean State. Seth also creates comic books for folks who dig the dark stuff and if you make an impression on him you may end up running from some horrible dead thing in a story.

Snakebomb Comix is a Portland, Oregon based comics publisher and risograph print studio run by cartoonist Jack Hayden.

Sophie Goldstein is a 2013 graduate of the Center for Cartoon Studies. Her work has appeared various publications including The Pitchfork Review, Seven Days, Irene 3, Sleep of Reason, Suspect Device 3 and Best American Comics 2013.

Suzy Gonzalez Native to Texas, Suzy Gonzalez now attends Grad school for Painting at RISD. She co-publishes feminist zine, Yes, Ma’am, and also makes zines about speciesism, art and the community, and Chicanisma. While painting provides a space to visually investigate these concepts, she finds solace in exploring them through writing as well. |

Talya Modlin I am a comic artist and illustrator based in Chicago, IL. I mostly make mini’s and keep up a weekly web comic called Blimpakind. |

Tony Breed is the man behind the new web comic Muddlers Beat and the Ignatz-nominated web comic Finn and Charlie are Hitched. Both are newspaper style slice-of-life-comics with the same cast. Muddlers Beat is about the creative floundering of a group of young and middle-aged people; Hitched tells the story of married gay couple and their friends. Expect jokes about indie rock, romance, sperm banks, and depression. In addition to making comics, Tony is a founding member of Chicago’s CHIRP Radio (, where he’s a DJ and is on the board of directors. |

Vinnie Neuberg is a RISD graduate and an illustrator and comics artist from New York.

Vreni lives in Brooklyn because she’s afraid of driving. She’s pretty much only good at drawing gross things. She has a fake tooth.

Whit Taylor is a New Jersey-based cartoonist. She also writes about comics for Panel Patter, The Comics Journal, and her Tumblr. |

Wild Child started as a neighborhood childcare cooperative and through the process of building community around parenting and caregiving, we began to share our experiences and decided to turn those experiences into a zine. Our members have offered up personal stories, artwork, comics and resources as a way to build a larger network of parents concerned with consciously raising the next generation and fighting isolation.

Zoe Burke is an illustrator/musician/synthesizer manufacturer from Brooklyn, NY, currently living and practicing in Baltimore, MD. |

Below are people who were previously listed as exhibitors, but are unfortunately no longer able to attend RIPExpo 2014:

Caroline Paquita / Pegacorn Press Caroline Paquita is a visual artist and musician living in Brooklyn, NY. After self publishing for the past fifteen years, she officially began Pegacorn Press in 2011 with a couple of Risograph stencil duplicators. Pegacorn Press is a small, queer, feminist, “total-art-freaker” publishing house that specifically specializes in small run art-books, comics, zines and other printed ephemera. Mike Taylor, Anna Haifisch, Al Burian, Sy Wagon, Edie Fake, Jo Dery and Caroline Paquita herself, are some of the artists that have had their work published by Pegacorn Press.

Claire Folkman maintains her studio at Mercer St. Studios in the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia, PA. There she works on her romance collage, performance video, auto-bio comic and sewing projects. She enjoys romance novels and word balloons.

Erin K Wilson has been drawing ever since she first watched Sailor Moon in 1992 and hasn’t stopped since. After a questionable art school education, and three years of wandering aimlessly, she decided to root down into her native Gulf Coast and write comics. She focuses mainly on feelings, confessionals, and trying to start productive conversations about White Privilege using comics and drawings. |

Fiona Avocado is a jill of many trades. She is a cartoonist, illustrator, printmaker, writer, media maker, and educator. She is always found creating, thinking, daydreaming, or questioning the world around her. Fiona’s comics include Pedagogy as Dissent, Jade vol. 1, The Fika Diaries, and The Past Two Years. Fiona’s comics work has appeared in Rain Zine and Stumptown Underground. Her illustrations have been used by the Healing Together Network Gathering at the Allied Media Conference, Independent Publishing Resource Center, the Artists vs. Walmart campaign, ARTSTRIKE, and Rebuild the Dream. |

Julia C. Liu is a Providence, Rhode Island based comic illustrator and filmmaker. Her comics often include cute animals with adult themes, which means jokes about poop, vegans, hippies and self-medication. Liu has worked for many years on film crews as a camera assistant and also enjoys drawing comics poking fun at the movie-making business.

Kelly Phillips is a cartoonist based out of Philadelphia. I draw comics about stuff that’s happened to me, and I co-edit the all-girl comic anthology DIRTY DIAMONDS. |

Liza Bley & Saiya Miller Not Your Mother’s Meatloaf: A Sex Education Comic Book brings together a selection of comics by various artists addressing sex and sexuality as well as introductory writing and drawings by the editors, Saiya Miller and Liza Bley. This project is an attempt to challenge normative practices in sex ed. The book is published by Soft Skull Press.

Marble Mouth Publications Lex Rocine and Sarah Crowe live in NYC and make comics about women, men, space, time, and crisis.